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The Plasma Science and Innovation Center (PSI-Center) is a U.S. Department of Energy-funded program to improve computational predictability of innovative confinement concept (ICC) experiments. The PSI-Center is adding the necessary physics and algorithmic capability to extended magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) codes, and is working with experimentalists to validate code results with experimental data. The computational groups work closely with the experimentalists to iterate this process, summarized in this Mission Statement: "In concert with smaller innovative plasma physics experiments, refine and optimize existing MHD codes to achieve significantly improved predictive capability." The PSI-Center emphasizes physics that may extend beyond the standard analysis presently applied to the mainline (e.g., tokamak) fusion programs. This specifically includes strong flow effects, kinetic effects, reconnection and relaxation phenomena, transport, atomic physics, radiation, FLR effects, two-fluid or Hall physics, more realistic boundary conditions and geometry, and other physics that must be included in models to achieve the needed predictability. All of these effects are also important in mainline fusion devices, but one or more tend to dominate effects in particular ICC configurations, which makes those effects particularly amenable to ICC study with their existing diagnostics. The goal of the PSI-Center is to capture the dominant effects of many different ICC experiments, covering most of ICC physics.

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2018 Annual PSI Meeting, July 26 - 27

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