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Computational Facilities

SGI Altix 350

This development cluster built on the Itanium IA64 architechure consists of 16 nodes (including the head node),32GB of memory, and NUMA link interconnects. We use Intel compilers (FORTRAN, C, and C++), a pbs scheduling system, and totalview to aid in code development.

The PSI Center purchased this system in late 2005 at the inception of the center.

SGI Altix 8200 ICE

Purchased with the AFSOR Durup (late 2008) funding this system consists of a head node (2 quad xeons with 32GB of memory) used for editing, submitting, and debugging codes. A 6 TB storage system and 24 computational nodes consisting of 192 procs with 16GB/node. All of these systems communicate across an infiniband fabric for speed and reliability.

On this system we also use the Intel compilers (FORTRAN, C, and C++), the PGI Compilers (FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN 95, C, and C++), a MOAB front end for the TORQUE scheduler, and totalview for debugging.

Further information on our systems can be found at SGI


We also have a limited number of computational hours at the NERSC facility for large computational runs.

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